Erasmus+ Experience

Cătălin Lupașcu

Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava - Romania

My name is Cătălin Lupașcu. I studied IT at a high school in Moldavia 4 years, after that I went to study Economic Informatics in Suceava, România. What about me?! I am very sociable, friendly and brave because I’m not afraid of changes. I like cycling, tennis, basketball, driving and spending time with my friends.

I chose Czech Republic and especially Valašské Meziříčí because I wanted to really enjoy my first Erasmus mobility, I am bored of big cities and here I could spend time really nice, I found some good friend wich helped me to try new things, to improve my English skills and to earn a good experience.

I’m here because I’m not afraid of changes, I’m afraid just of failure, that’s why I want and I have to try new things, to try to change something in my life, because life is too short to spend it on a daily routine.

When I came here I knew just few things about architecture but now I now a lot of other things, like culture, people and educational system. I don’t regret that I came here and I will make all possible to come back, just to meet again these people from here, I don’t mean just students or friends but also teachers that helped me on all this Erasmus way.

I’m glad that I had the opportunity and chose this country, this city. I will recommend it for everybody from my University. It was not like a stressful period of time because besides the fact that I had to fullfil some tasks, I could rest with friends in a pub for example and spend time really nice. Here I rode a horse for the first time, here I watched a hockey match for the first time, and another interesting things.

I can say that for me it was more like a social experience, I went one step up in my life. I’m happy!