Erasmus+ Study Programme

degree programme

at the Higher Professional School

The study programme Information Technology in Business Practices (26-47-N/14) is provided at the Higher Professional School.

General description

Computers and information processing technologies play a leading part in businesses, organizations, and public administrations. Various fields of applications are offered to the graduates of the Higher Professional School in Valasske Mezirici. These fields extend from the development and maintenance of business management applications and programs over the service and the adaptation of standard software to consultation and distribution. The studies at the Higher Professional School are therefore application and practice orientated.

Qualification awarded

After six-semester studies and passing the final examination students are awarded the degree C.S. (Chartered Specialist).

Educational and professional goals

The graduate of higher professional study is prepared and aimed at the needs of corporate professional practice. The main feature of the study is therefore professional practical training during the study course which enables independent work or getting lower or middle managerial positions immediately after the graduation.
The Higher Professional School in Valašské Meziříčí prepares students – computer experts for their profession. Graduates are able to process economic, social and statistic data on all levels of management, they can programme economic and graphical assignments, and work as administrators of local computer networks and they can make the firm accounts with technical aids.
They are able to conceive, specify, design and implement data processing solutions, and lead them over into practice, either individually or in teams. They are also capable to continue further studies independently.

Access to further studies

Successful graduates of the Higher Professional School can continue studying at a university and finish their university studies with the master degree.

Final test examination, if any

The final oral examination consists of examinations in Information Technology, Economics, Accounting, Law and English. Students are admitted to the oral examination after handing in their graduate works which have to be written and processed during the final work placement in the third year.

Examination and assessment regulations

Examinations are oral, oral and written, or written. The type and date of examination is determined by a lecturer individually. If a student fails in an examination, he/she can repeat it, the examiner will decide on new dates. If a student falls ill and, therefore, is unable to participate in or complete the examination he/she may be given permission to participate in a new examination.

ECTS department coordinator:

RNDr. Anna Neumanová

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