Erasmus Policy Statement

This Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS) presents the overall Erasmus co-operation strategy of the Business Academy and Higher Professional School (HPS) Valašské Meziříčí.

The Higher Professional School (HPS) at the Business Academy is more practically oriented institution and provides students with advanced technical knowledge. The study programme is Information Technology in Business Practices (26 - 47- N/14), the field of study Information Technology (26-47-N). The curriculum was prepared by the school and approved by the MEYS on the affirmative standpoint of the Accreditation Commission. Final examination taken on completion of higher professional schools is the absolutorium. The diploma the graduates of the higher professional school get is DiS.

The vision of our higher professional school is to create an international learning environment where all students develop a sense of global citizenship and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their employability across the globe. The role of the Erasmus programme is an important aspect of our international activities which enrich the educational and cultural experience of students and staff. As a current holder of the Extended Erasmus University Charter with a network of university partners, we aim to advance our internationalisation strategy through student and staff mobility, and co-operation in organisational management and development.

A strategic goal is to make it possible for our students to combine studies at home with at least one semester in another European country as part of their degrees, and we want to receive students from other European countries for studies. We use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Thanks to this system, none of the incoming students have any problems with recognizing their studies at our HPS at their home institutions. Provision of information on curricula is published on our web-page, the information is given both in Czech and English language. Through multilateral cooperation, courses, student- and teacher exchange, we want to share our skills and enhance our competence. To expand the range of partner schools we take opportunities to participate in international weeks which provide great opportunities of meeting new partners and discussing common goals and cooperation before signing bilateral agreements. In the future our institution intends to organize an international week.

One of our long-term objectives is to extend the offer of courses taught in English to attract more international students to come to study at our college and to create more international atmosphere.

Teacher exchanges are valued and encouraged as part of the HPS’s policy to continue to develop bilateral and multilateral partnerships. The opportunity to take part in teacher exchanges is important not only for the personal development of our staff but also for meeting the objective to extend the number of courses taught in English. Those teachers, who are able to give their lecturers in English at home, have priority in taking part in Erasmus mobilities.

The HPS also welcomes visiting academic staff and the contribution they make to its teaching programme and curriculum development.

Being practically oriented school our HPS intends to expand access to and take up of student work placements in Europe. Work placement is a part of the curriculum, so our HPS intends to make it possible for our students to have their work placement abroad within the Erasmus programme.

Our institution does not participate in development of joint masters degrees because we do not have any master degrees.

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