The Business Academy and Higher Professional School in Valasske Mezirici is a state school and belongs to state allowance organizations and its founder is the region of Zlín. The premises of the school are located at 101 Masarykova Street, 97 Susilova Street and 17 Jicinska Street. All buildings are interconnected with telephone and data line and form a closed computer network.

What do we differ from other schools

First of all, our educational programmes enable students to get not only classical secondary education finished with the leaving exam, but also higher education at the Higher Professional School, which is specialized in up to date information technologies, or university education which is finished with the bachelor degree. At our school you can study from the age of 15 to your graduation ceremony.

We have tradition and perspective

Our school, oriented towards economical branches, has been here for more than fifty years. Current fields of study are profiled so that our graduates could find jobs not only in the domestic labour market but also in the European Union.

The school perspective derives not only from the modern fields of study and the above-average technical equipment but especially from the fact, that both pedagogical and technical staff is linked with the professional sphere in the Czech Republic, universities and international educational programmes.

International cooperation is realized not only by students’ and staff‘s short-term visits but also by students’ long-term stays at foreign universities.

Our curriculum menu also remembers the lifetime education of adults. We offer courses and seminars to various firms and institutions, the seniors can study at the University of the Third Age. We are here for all people, who regard education as the main condition of their success at work and personal satisfaction.

Academic calendar

The Higher Professional School follows a two-semester academic calendar.

Autumn semester:1.September – 21.December
Spring semester:1.February – 30.June

Academic authorities

Mgr. Ales Kubicek

Head of the Higher Professional School
PaedDr. Bc. Petr Hubáček, Ph.D.

Deputy headmaster
Mgr. Andrea Hlavatá

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